The sustainable MRO solution

We’ve identified over $10 billion worth of surplus spare parts at risk of ending up in landfill. We’re on a mission to recirculate these back into the market.

Who are Machine Compare?

Our story begins at the end. Noticing the sheer amount of surplus spare parts at risk of ending up as scrap the Findlay brothers took action. A move that not only led to the founding of our business – but a global movement.

Since 2014 we’ve been on a mission to help reduce industrial waste and safeguard resources. And today some of the biggest names in industry have joined to back us.

Discover the full storyDiscover the full story

Inventory management that protects profits & the planet.

Enriched data Rich product descriptions and a standardised dataset to inform important resource decisions.
Centralised view Single source of truth giving an accurate overview of critical and surplus stock.
Carbon displacement Cost effective solution to offset CO2 emissions and reduce industrial waste.
New revenue stream Create an entirely new revenue stream from the surplus parts that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The longer we leave it, the scarier the data becomes.

The average mid-sized manufacturer holds around $250,000 worth of surplus spare parts



Worth of surplus spare parts identified

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Future Objectives.

Partner with spare parts recyclers
Carbon score parts with better data
Keep expanding into new sectors
Introduce new reporting capabilities for BEACON

Join the movement.

Our circle keeps getting bigger. Join some of industry’s biggest players in making positive change happen. Together, we make the circular economy achievable and profitable.


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