Machine Compare

Your data
Enriched Harmonised Standardised De-duplicated
with Beacon

Make your data work for you

We've got the tools to help enhance your material master record in minutes.‚Äč

  • Standardised manufacturer names
  • Standardised manufacturer part numbers
  • Removal of duplicates
  • Enriched spare parts descriptions
  • Common standard for base units of measure
  • Continuous data quality improvement

Be confident in every decision.

Enrich product datasets

Enrich your product data including attributes, datasheets, images and descriptions by matching it against our extensive reference catalogue, BEACON.

Harmonise data across systems

Map data across systems to a common standard and make moving parts across locations easier.

Centralise your company data

Centralise all data on a single platform to reduce duplicate records, understand commonality across your group and drive consistency.