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EME Engel Board/Film Laminator/De-laminator


Maximum web width 1200mm, Board unwind/rewind dia 1800mmFilm unwind/rewind diameter 1000mm, drying temp 70-80Cadhesive v / View Ad

Gallus ECS 340 Full Servo Press


11 station press with UV flexo, 2 screen, 7 antistatic, 3 xparking platforms for print units, rail system with coldfoil, / View Ad

Mark Andy 2200H


10" web, 8 Colours, GEW E brick UV, 11,977 working hours,turnbar, delam/relam, 3 die stations, video web inspection / View Ad

Focus Proflex 250


250mm width, 6 Colours, 12,500 working hours, 1m unwind,GEW UV + hot air, Fusion video, turnbar,delam/relam, 2 die, / View Ad

Omet X6 430


430mm wide, 10 Colours, full servo, film to board printer,GEW E Brick UV, chills, cold foil, lamination, die stations,AR / View Ad

Nilpeter FB3300


330mm width, 6 colour flexo, 1 UV dryer, 6 x IR dryers,video inspection, 3 rotary die, / View Ad

Newfoil 3000 MKII


Re register for 2nd pass, lamination, 1 x foil head, 1 x diehead, label & length count / View Ad

Nilpeter FA2500


10" web, 6 colour press, UV on last print station,turnbar, delam/realm, laminating tower,inspection camera, 3 position d / View Ad

Nilpeter B280


7 letterpress + 1 flexo, punching station, Sensotec registercontrol, / View Ad

Kopack 250


250mm width, 9 colour letterpress, delam/relam,flatbed & rotary die cutting, slitting / View Ad

Kopack 250


250mm width, 800mm drum, 6 colour Letterpress,flatbed & rotary die, slitting / View Ad

Kopack 400 Booklet Machine


12 letterpress stations, 1 flexo varnish, corona, 2unwinds,lamination, hotmelt glue, 1 fltbed die, 2 rotarydie, 2 rewind / View Ad

DCM Atena 7 Colour Gravure Press 660mm


660mm web width, with RDC10 rotary die cutterReel to reel and reel to sheet, paper & cardboard, 3stage inline rotary / View Ad

Schiavi Patriot rotogravure


Number of colours 8, print poss 7+1 8+0, Carden drive,trolley system, web width 1430mm, print width 1400mm, printrepeat / View Ad

Eltromat Reg Star 20+ Web Video Star 2000


Auto print register control, video camera with auto defectcontrol, second camera for back side cold sealSystem removed f / View Ad

Schiavi Rotocadet 9 colour gravure press


Material: BOPP PET OPA Nylon Cellophane, print width 500mmmin 1020mm max, material width 1070mm, print repeat400mm-950mm / View Ad

Schiavi Pulsar 10 colour 1300mm


1280mm max print width, Carden drive, trolley system, turretunwind & rewind, Eltromat video, Bobst register control, / View Ad

Cerutti R960 rotogravure


Number of colours 10, print poss 10 colours, 3 printinggroups with double hood 1st group in reverse, electronicshaft dri / View Ad

Bobst Rotomec RS888 9 colour


Web width 1250mm, print width 1200mm, unir 8 and9 are reversible, electronic drive shaft, print repeat450-920mm, electri / View Ad

Bobst Rotomec Rotopak 4000-2ES 10 colour


Maximum web width 1025mm, max print width 1000mm10 colour or 9 col plus coating/cold seal + Lamination inline. Units 1,8 / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Heliostar


No of colours 9, print poss 9+0 8+cold seal, electronicshaft drive, trolley system, web width 1250mm, print width1200mm, / View Ad

Rotomec Bobst 4003MP 1200/450/C


No of colours 10, print poss 8+2 9+1 10+0, drive electronicshaft, trolley system, web width 1250mm, print width1225mm,pr / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Heliostar SL


No of colours 8, electronic shaft drive, trolley system,web width 1320mm, print width 1300mm, print rep range 400-900mm, / View Ad

E & R 8 colour rotary screen/gravure for vinyl wall cover


Full line for the production of vinyl wall converingsincluding roll rewinding, film wrapping and packing, 8printstations / View Ad

BHS 9 colour servo modular flexo press


Maximum web width 670mm, maximum print width 650mmmachine was upgraded in 2004, each print unit with closedchamber syste / View Ad

Flexotechnica Olivini 2550mm


Mkax web width 2550mm, max print width 2500mmprint repeat range 350-1150mm, single postion unwind andrewind of 1500mm di / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Novoflex CI press


roll diam 1000mm, core inner diam 76mm, core outer diam 85mmroll weight 1100kg, output speed 300-760m/min, print width10 / View Ad

F&K 16S 1520mm


1450mm max print width, max print repeat 800mm, fast sleevechange, 8 + 0, turret unwind and rewind, gas drying,Eltromat / View Ad

PCMC 8 colour CI flexo press


Geared press with sleeve system, maximum web width 1040mmmaximum print width 1000mm, print repeat range 305-610mm800mm d / View Ad

Flexotecnica Tachys F8 G CL flexo press


No of colours 8, gearless, fast sleeve change, 4 motor perdeck CNC position system, computer supervision, web width1530m / View Ad

Comexi FS 1500 CI flexo press


Colours 6, print poss 1000mm, web width 1070mm, print width1020mm, min print repeat 300mm, max print repeat 900mm,single / View Ad

Fischer & Krecke 16s CI flexo press


Colours 8, gearless, 4 motor per deck CNC position system,web width 1100mm, print width 1050mm, min print repeat320mm, m / View Ad

Uteco Jade 810 CI flexo press


Colours 8, fast sleeve change, web width 1350mm, printwidth1300mm, min print repeat 480mm, max print repeat1000mm, unwin / View Ad

Bielloni Telia CI flexo press


Colours 9, print poss 8+1, gearless, 4 motor per deck CNCposition system, web width 1150mm, print width 1100mm,unwind BU / View Ad

Bielloni Magiflex CI flexo press


Colours 8, gearless, web width 1320mm, print width 1200mm,min print rep 300mm, max print re 800mm, turret rewind,electri / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Soloflex 600mm


6 colour CI flexo, 620mm web width, 600mm print widthprint repeat length range 250-520mm, electric drying,doctor blades, / View Ad

Flexotecnica Tachys


Geared CI Press, 8 colours, 950mm web, 900mm print,280-650mm print repeat, doctor blades, electric drying,double unwind, / View Ad

Schiavi Sigma 8 colour gearless CI press


Maximum web width 1240mm, max print width 1200mmprint repear range 350-750mm, 800mm diameter turretunwind/rewind, Therma / View Ad

Agnati 2500


width 2500mm, Flutes C,B & E, pre heaters, duplex IM90gluing, HRS 90 splicer / View Ad

Agnati 2500


width 2500mm, Flutes C,B & E, pre heaters, duplex IM90gluing, HRS 90 splicer / View Ad

Agnati 2500


width 2500mm, Flutes C,B & E, pre heaters, duplex IM90gluing, HRS 90 splicer / View Ad

Agnati 2500


width 2500mm, Flutes C,B & E, pre heaters, duplex IM90gluing, HRS 90 splicer / View Ad

Agnati 2500


width 2500mm, Flutes C,B & E, pre heaters, duplex IM90gluing, HRS 90 splicer / View Ad

R & K Industries Reel Slitter rewinder 1370mm


working width 1370mm, max unwind dia 1100mm, dual rewind,with air shafts for 2"&3" cores, score type cuttingassemble / View Ad

La Meccanica TRL


Slitter/rewinder for cash rollsMax web width 1350mm, single ply, 1 colour flexo printerRoll flattening device, carrosel / View Ad

La Meccanica slitter/rewinder


Maximum web width 850mm2 unwind positions for 2 ply cash rolls etc / View Ad

Eldec CS100 slitter rewinder


Maximum web width 1000mm, maximum unwind diameter 1000mmhydraulic reel lift, web guide, slitting, rewind arms,maximum re / View Ad

Eldec CS100 slitter rewinder


Centre surface slitter rewinder, maximum web width 1000mmmaximum unwind diameter 1000mm, maximum rewind diameter800mm, r / View Ad

Euromac Centre Surface Slitter


Maximum working width 1400mm, parent roll dia 800mmmaximum rewind diameter 600mm, Razer and rotary kniveslitting, 6 x sl / View Ad

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