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Cassoli RA10 CIV


2 lane infeed, working speed up to 45 packs/min wrapping4 rolls & up to 25 packs/min with 10 rolls,Machine cleaned & / View Ad

Cassoli RA2 CIV


2 lane infeed, wraps 2 - 4 - 6 rolls & 2 kitchen rolls,up to 40 packs/min.Machine cleaned & tested prior to deli / View Ad

Cassoli RA/3 CPS


For toilet & kitchen rolls, rebuilt 2010, 2 lane infeed,2-4-6 TRT sinfle level, 8-12 cube pack, up to 40 packs/minRe / View Ad

Cassoli MAC 50 – 90DX Handle Applicator


Up to 30 - 35 strokes per min, inline creation of handlesmade of adhesive band and paper / View Ad

Wrapmatic BFA 10


For bundles 10-12-15-16-20 packets of TRT or KRT, withfeeding unit, and devices for 4-6 TRT & 2 KRT, speed 3-4bundle / View Ad

Polywrap 33A


3 lane infeed with launching unit, 4-6 packs TRT & 2 packKRT, up to 110 packs/min on 4 pack TRT / View Ad

Wrapmatic Multiwrap 10


LEFT hand machine, for packing 8-10 TRT in flat packetson board upender, speed up to 45 packs/min / View Ad

Wrapmatic BFA25


For bundling 10-12-15-16-20 packs of TRT or KRT, with 90degree swith & straight device, speed up to 12 bundles/min / View Ad

TMC Qualywrap 1800 ML HV


Servo machine with 4 lane infeed & launching unit,Multi packs configurations in both single & double levelcapaci / View Ad

Cassoli IN/5 Super H


Bundling 10-12-15-16-20 packs of TRTor KRT, speed11 - 12 per min,100% refurbished, 3 months warranty / View Ad



Small line for industrial towels, 1500mm width, 400 m/min,start stop slitter, ply bonders, perforation, semi autorewinde / View Ad

Omet TV840


500 m/min speed, 1/4 fold, 2 flexo print, steel/paper edgeemboss, two folding heads, Omet TA 501 double auto transferPAC / View Ad

FMC Hudson Sharp Wicketer bag machine


For production of Bread bags, other Wicket bags, side sealsealing and cutting width 620mm, bag length 220-620mmbag width / View Ad

FMC Hudson Sharp Wicketer bag machine


For the production of Bread bags, other wicketed bagswiidth 620mm, bag length 220-620mm, width 150-350mmunwind dia 800mm / View Ad

Amplas Wicketer 770 WS


Servo driven, complete with unwind stand and air shaftsV fold frame, Perforation vacuum units, Fume extraction,perforati / View Ad

Stiegler ST -1/A700W-L Wicketer


Film thickness 0.035 - 0.100, unwind width 1500mmunwind diameter 1200mm, working width 230-650mmcut off length 100-400mm / View Ad

Chiva 50 Mono layer Blown Film Line


Material LDPE, film width 900mm, screw diam50mm, rotating head, die diam 200mm, panel for gussets,corona treater, rewind / View Ad

MAM BS365 Mono layer Blow Film Line


Material LDPE, film width 1350mm, screwdiam 63.5mm, rotating head, die diam 250mm, gusset makingequip 170mm, Martignoni / View Ad

Kiefel Kirion 3 layer blown film line


Film width 1300, Gravimetric dosing, 60mm, 70mm,60mm extruders, oscilating take off, corona treater, microperf, Seimens / View Ad

Macchi 3 layer Blown Film extruder


Film structure ABC, film width 1800mm, screws 65,80,65mmHydraulic screen changer, Gravimetrix dosers, automatichead with / View Ad

Bruckner Film extrusion line for BOPP


3 layer, working width 6000mm, 5 x feeding silos, thicknesscontrol system, Hasler dosing, edge trim recyling, dustabatem / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Blown Film Line


Number of layers 5, film structure A,B,C,D,E, screwdiameter 70, thickness control, electric boards, controlpanel of die/ / View Ad

Windmoeller & Holscher Reifenhauser


Number of layers 5, film structure A,B,C,D, E, screw diam70, head IBC auto by heat patrons Optifil P2, die diam500mm wit / View Ad

Macchi 5 layer blown film line


Film width 2400mm, output 250 kg/h, screw dia 55-65-80-65-55Die dia 500mm with 2.2mm gap, IBC, bubble cage, Osciillating / View Ad

Bruckner Film extrusion lone for BOPP


3 layer, working width 7400mm, thickness control, die width1054mm, / View Ad

Double Bubble blown film extrusion line


Maximum width 2 x 1780mm, auto pellet loader, extruder Adia 60/30 D, extruder B 90/33 D, cyliderical Die, airdrying, lay / View Ad

W&H Varex 3 layer blown film line


Maximum film width 2640mm, 3 layers, thickness 20-200 micdie 500mm, Kundig thickness control, IBC, ultrasound bubblecens / View Ad

W&H Optimex 3 layer blown film line


Maximum web width 1850mm, 3 layer, thickness 20-200 micdie 350mm, Kundif thickness control, IBC, Gusset board,ultrasound / View Ad

W&H AD 1500


Overhauled 2009, sack lengths 57-145cm,widths 35-74cm, bottom 7-19.5cm / View Ad

Somtas Bag Master


with 4 colour inline flexo printer, cut lengths 200-780mmbag lengths 175-760mm, bag widths 80-350mm, produced windowbags / View Ad

Weber 3ACNS


bag widths 3"-6", tube lengths 8"-13 7/8"bottom widths 1.75"-3.75", 10DP gear pitch,Wolverine 41-4 41" 4 col inline prin / View Ad

W&H Triumph 1


QMS 4 colour tailend printer, cut off 120-350mm,bag widths 50-120mm, bottom widths 30-75mm,mechanical speed up to 350 ba / View Ad

Beasley French 66


5mm gear pitch, 45" web width, 4 colour tailend printer / View Ad

Newlong with twisted handles


bag widths 300-460mm, bag lengths 260-580mm,with photocell and servo gear / View Ad

Holweg CP28TS


with 4 colour QMS992 printer, double fold heat seal / View Ad

Newlong 127T


With internal paper folded flat handle, cut off lengths350 - 650mm, bag widths 220 - 360mm, bottom widths70 - 210mm, rei / View Ad

W&H Triumph 3A With Flat Handle


inline flat handles, 4 col tailend printer, photocell,bottom patch, bag widths 16 - 32cm, cut lengths24 - 90cm / View Ad

Somtas L Servo Bagmaster


4 colour printer, IR dryers, perforation, photocell guide,12" touchscreen, film unwind, bag lengths 160 - 760mmbag width / View Ad

W&H Matador 26


With 2 colour tailend printer, bag widths 2 - 10". Cut offlengths 4 - 18", speed when new upto 1200 bags/min / View Ad

General Vacuum Metalizer 1650mm


web width 1650mm, 1000mm unwind & rewind, 18 evaporationboats, pump system, polycold / View Ad

Sideco laminator/coater


working width 1650mm, speed 150mt/min, unwinder fullautomatic, max diameter reel unwinder 800mm, rewinder fullautomatic, / View Ad

Ofem Selenia SF 1-80 coater/laminator


working width 800mm, materials LDPE, OPP, BOPP, CPP,ALFOIL, PET, PA, speed 250, 1st unwind single, max diameterreel unwi / View Ad

Kohli Fusion AR-295 Combi Laminator


Web width 650-1300mm, max coating width 1290mmMax speed 300 m/min, unwind/rewind diameter 800mmIn register coating as an / View Ad

Nordmeccanica Super Simplex SL HD


Max web width 1700mm, speed 450/min, 1000mm diameterunwinds/rewind, world mix pumping unit, corona treater / View Ad

Leybold Top Met 2450


Working width 2450mm, speed 700 m/min, Evap Boats 26,pumping down time 8 min, unwind/rewind diameter 1000mmPolycold 1102 / View Ad

Aerre 1800 AL 3C Metalizer


Model AL3C, maximum web width 1800mm,maximum speed 1000 m/min, maximum unwind diameter 1200mmmaximum rewind diameter 120 / View Ad

Nordmeccanica Super Simplex Combi


Working width 1300mm, 1000mm diameter shaftless unwinds andrewind with AC motors, 2 zone gas drying-I burner,gravure tro / View Ad



Nordson 2400mm wide inline porous hot melt coating systemfor applying breathable, random coating & laminatingpattern / View Ad

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