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Static if the content of website information remains, rarely changed, and the contents of the information just from the website owner. Dynamic when the contents of the website information is always changing, and the content of the two-way interactive information comes from the owners and users of the website. Examples of static websites are containing company profiles, while dynamic websites are like Friendster, Multiply, etc. In terms of development, static websites can only be updated by the owner only, while dynamic websites can be updated by users and owners.

ELEMENTS IN THE PROVISION OF WEBSITE OR SITE. To provide a website, it must be available its supporting elements, are as follows: Domain name (URL - Uniform Resource Locator). Domain name or commonly called Domain Name or URL is a unique address in the internet world used to identify a website, or in other words domain name is the address used to find a website on the internet world.

We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Domain names are traded freely on the internet with an annual lease status. Once the Domain Name is purchased at one of the registration providers, the user is provided with a control panel for administration. If the user forgets / does not extend the lease term, then the domain name will be released again its availability to the public.

The domain name itself has an extension identification / suffix in accordance with the importance and location of the existence of the website. Examples of domain names with international extensions are com, net, org, info, biz, name, ws. Examples of domain names with country location extensions are:

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