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Our mission has been to change the way the world trades since Machine Compare was founded by brothers Eric and Ben Findlay.

Today, that one mission has flourishes into a team helping make the world greener. Because we only have one.

2021 was the year our sister site and ecommerce platform, the Green Parts Marketplace, was born. After identifying around $10bn worth of surplus spare parts destined for landfill, it was clear industry needed a solution.

Now, manufacturers can help these spare parts fulfil their intended lifecycle before being recycled or refurbished by listing them online. We call these surplus parts ‘green parts’. As “like-new”, unused products, green parts offer a cost-effective solution to offset CO2 emissions.

That’s not to say there weren’t any hurdles along the way. The critical challenge to overcome was data quality.

So, we decided to make data a core part of our offering. With our inventory management solution, we enrich data to make trading smooth. And we do it fast.

Through this solution, we help populate missing data, as well as standardise and centralise it. This makes the parts easy to recirculate back in the market or trade them internally. This solution is also helping alleviate current supply chain shocks by bringing greater visibility and transparency to the industrial market.

That way, buyers and seller can both be confident when trading. Now, optimising managing and trading spare parts doesn’t have to cost the earth.

On a personal note, Eric tragically fell ill and passed away as the brothers were developing the company. This prompted Ben to pledge that he would continue their mission to make a positive change in the world. Something, we work for every day.

Our people.

Md Faisal Ahmed

Pay-Per-Click Executive

Jessica Salter

Content Executive

Tautvydas Sikorskis

Data Analyst

Sean Tait

Web Developer

Davina Curtis

SEO Manager

Nea Laine

Senior Brand Manager

Jake Jennings

Head of Operations

Luke Snopkiewicz

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Rakel Aroyo

Business Development Manager

Ben Findlay


David Stroud


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